Professional Services – At professional service firms, data storage, privacy and security essentials need a high level of attention.  Our IT & Telecommunication consultants understand Personal Information Compliance Laws, and can easily apply solutions that address those complex requirements.


Start-Ups - Our tech force has over 30 years of experience working with old and new companies, proficiently guiding them towards upgrading and/or expanding their IT & Telecommunication needs with the support to accommodate rapid growth and industry changes.


Establishing SMB’s – When starting up a company with limited resources, your going to  need a wide variety of inexpensive options for IT & Telecommunication services.  Some companies use consultants on an as-needed basis.  Others subscribe to general cloud-based services.  But nearly all companies will arm themselves with technology that does not acclimate to the newest demands as the company grows and evolves.


IT & Telecommunication Services – An IT & Telecommunication service and support firm should be able to offer affordable, high-quality network, hardware and software solutions!  Including having IT & Telecommunication professionals who are local, accessible and able to provide assistance and advice to each and every user within your organization, regardless of the end users technical abilities.


Skilled IT & Telecommunication Professionals – Can remotely access, assess and resolve a crisis your company’s network and/or business telephone system is facing, allowing you and your workforce to proceed with business as efficiently and productively as possible.


Our IT & Telecommunication Services Include:


§  Business Telephone Support

§  IT Technical Support

§  E-mail Support

§  Network Infrastructure

§  Server Domain Infrastructure

§  Mobile Device Support

§  Backup & Disaster Recovery

§  IT & IP Surveillance Security

§  Intranet & Collaboration Tools


Voicemail & E-Mail Support – Your company’s Voicemail and Email represents the electronic connection to your customer base and prospecting venture in your everyday business endeavors.  It is possibly your most important COMMUNICATION asset, and capital investment.


Even if you are looking to rid yourself of a POP3 external server, or subscribe to a cloud-based service or hosting company, implementing Microsoft Exchange to support your own email hosting, or to simply receive support for Microsoft Exchange


PulseRate Communications can assist you in your query for a better resolution.  We help small to medium sized businesses configure new Email solutions and apply them across the network.  We can maintain and upgrade your existing Email infrastructure to a more efficiently mobile delivery base as well.


Email Questions:


§  What is the difference between POP3, IMAP4, and Microsoft Exchange?

§  How do I connect to my e-mail when I’m out of the office?

§  What are the benefits of a cloud-based solution?

§  How can I ensure my e-mail is secure?

§  Is there any way to reduce the amount of SPAM I receive?


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